Shortcuts to Making Money in Network Marketing

making money in network marketingWe are a wired up and tuned in society, and often our approach to making money in network marketing reflects it.

Look how many great tools we have – lead generation systems, autoresponders, lead capture tools, and other things designed to make it easier to identify and attract prospects for our business.

Look at the current emphasis on “attraction marketing”. It works, for sure, if you do it right. These systems and tools are helpful when working online, and make our goal of “making money in network marketing” seem closer to becoming a reality.

That said, there is one downside. Unless you have a big advertising budget or perhaps above average influence in the social networks, some sort of advantage up front, progress can be slow. These tools can be quite effective but you won’t necessarily see quick results. It takes time.

So, to get it done more quickly, you have to go back to the fundamentals of the business. Let’s take a look.

Three Simple Shortcuts to Making Money in Network Marketing

1) Your business building time is very valuable and you can’t afford to waste it. Spend as much of this time as possible actively speaking with prospects. You can even do this with online messaging. The point is to be interacting with a prospect directly instead of waiting for an autoresponder to shoot the magic email that pushes their button and signs them up for you.

2) Consider how you use your “down time”. When you aren’t actively talking to people and building your business, do things that prepare you mentally for the challenges you will face. I wish making money in network marketing was an easy path, but there will be obstacles and challenges. You will get discouraged sometime. You will be afraid to do what you know you need to do.

Spend time listening to motivational training and uplifting content that fills you with hope and enthusiasm. Many top leaders I’ve spoken with have all but eliminated TV from their routine, as they prefer to feed their mind with positive training that lifts their spirit and attitude.

3) Finally, don’t neglect to set daily goals for your prospecting. How many people will you connect with each day? Make it mandatory to connect (speak) with a live prospect every day. Just creating this habit will have an amazing effect on your income. We all know that it is easy to go for days at a time without actually communicating with anyone directly about our business. The online prospecting tools make it easy to feel good (we are building our business) but you still have to be communicating with people every day.

Making money in network marketing is at the same time hard work and fun. I hope these tips will help you.

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  1. I didn’t know that there are shortcuts to MLM success. But thanks for sharing these tips.

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