Tips for Overcoming One Big MLM Recruiting Obstacle

mlm recruitingWhat is the most painful part of MLM recruiting? What do you find most discouraging and difficult to deal with?

Many networkers today use attraction marketing and advertising to find prospects who are looking for opportunity, and ready to discuss the possibilities with an open mind. This is usually pretty comfortable to handle, because it’s easy to talk to people who have asked to hear what your MLM business opportunity is about.

A more challenging type of MLM recruiting comes when you present your business to people who haven’t specifically asked you about it. There are different ways to approach this, and how you go about it determines how likely you are to feel “rejected” or get hit back with tons of objections.

No matter how you approach people about your business, for those that haven’t indicated an interest first, you will face some rejection. There is a mindset you can adopt that can eliminate the negatives of rejection and keep you moving forward enthusiastically, but one way or another you’ll encounter it if you’re talking to enough people.

So how can you reduce the odds of this one big MLM recruiting obstacle, rejection, happening to you?

First, consider that many people out there have been “hit up” for home business opportunities in the past. Maybe they heard stories about “those pyramid type things”. At any rate, they may be defensive. If you go right at them with a sales pitch, they will likely tune you out and reject you right away.

Here are some tips that help you avoid unnecessary rejection in your MLM recruiting efforts.

Establish some sort of relationship with the person, if you haven’t already – if it’s obvious that the only reason you struck up a conversation is to pitch your business, you can expect a pretty high failure rate. Think about this – have you ever had an old high school or college classmate you haven’t seen or heard from in years call you up unexpectedly?

After exchanging a couple of “how ya been’s”, it goes like this….say, I’ve found a great opportunity to make money, do you have a few minutes tomorrow night to check it out….yeah….so it’s pretty obvious they only cared about contacting you to pitch the business. A good strategy is to think long term here. Start reconnecting with old friends and classmates through Facebook or however you can, and establish a current relationship before introducing your business. It’s always a good idea to build up your contact list up like this anyway.

Once you’ve started a conversation about your opportunity, ask questions and listen. Are they even interested in a home business? Nearly everyone is interested in making more money, but some will never pursue a business. They would rather go for promotions at work or take on part time work somewhere. Ask questions, listen to what people say. They will generally be more receptive to you if you show you care enough to learn more about them and their situation before you start presenting your opportunity.

If your prospect starts asking questions or raises objections, be happy. Take it as a positive sign. An uninterested prospect typically will not bother, they will just tell you they aren’t interested and leave it at that. Learning to minimize and handle rejection well is part of becoming an MLM recruiting superstar!

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  1. Eldon, of course recruiting is the most important and yet difficult part of building a network marketing business. I am approaching it from a slightly different angle as a trial at present.

    I have an opportunity that is absolutely free join which I am promoting. I find it easier to get people to sign up that way, and make some money into the bargain, before introducing them to my primary business. Once you have their trust and they have made some money, it must be easier to get them involved in something else.

    just an idea I am experimenting with.

  2. Eldon,

    Not sure if this was intentional, but there is no way to comment on Growing your Network Marketing Team. I thought it was a great post, and completely true. The first two months are crucial.


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