Simple Posturing for Better MLM Recruiting

mlm recruiting on the phoneAre you out there in the MLM recruiting wars, trying to sponsor that special prospect who will be “the one” to help kick your network marketing business in high gear? Do you lay awake at night thinking about the possibilities if only a certain person would join your team?

If so, how’s it going?

I think that “trying too hard” is one of the biggest reasons that network marketers struggle with sponsoring. If you feel the pressure to sign up anyone who shows even a slight interest in your opportunity, it shows. It makes you look desperate and that isn’t appealing to people who are looking for a leader to work with.

It’s much better to take an attitude of “no big deal” when working with any prospect. You should think of this as a process of you choosing who you want to work with. Remember, this is YOUR team and you want people that you’ll enjoy and feel good about working with. You don’t want to sign up anyone and everyone you can no matter what it takes.

Have a mindset of abundance – there are lots of great prospects out there. You’ll find them in due time if you’re out there working. Effective MLM recruiting and sponsoring is all about building great relationships and working with the right people.

Here is an example of a prospect I declined to sponsor about a month ago.

I had a guy come in through one of my lead capturing systems. He indicated that he was very interested, and proceeded to let me know in no uncertain terms that he wanted a strong and successful sponsor to guide him. He spoke of his vast MLM experience (didn’t say he had a full time income from any MLM venture, just that he had lots of experience). Okay, I have no problem with that, even though I detected something of a “hot dog” attitude from him.

At any rate, I sent him some detailed information to look at online. A couple days later, I got an email with the subject “Really Poor Video”. The guy was ripping one of our company videos, making a big deal because it didn’t give enough detail for him. Good grief, it was just an introduction and there were links to detailed information right below. Guess he didn’t see them.

At this point, I probably could have proceeded forward and sponsored him anyway, because he really was interested. However, I have no desire to work with someone who shows such a critical spirit, because I know what would come next if I sponsored him. So, I just let him go.

Being able to do that, having the courage to turn someone away, is the attitude and posturing that will attract prospects to you over the long run. I know it isn’t easy in the beginning, because in the first few weeks of your new business, you focus hard on your MLM recruiting and frankly some upline leaders encourage people to sign up everyone they can, and let the winners emerge from the pack.

Don’t fall into that trap. Hand pick your team. Don’t sweat if your best friend from college who is extremely outgoing and has 3297 Facebook friends doesn’t sign up. For every one you turn away or lose, there are two more who will join you if you keep your attitude and posture in good shape. MLM recruiting with the right mindset is fun and exhilarating!

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  1. Hi Eldon….I totally agree with you that picking the right team will be paramount to building a successful business in the long run. Building a Network Marketing business is no different to building any other business. As any business owner will tell you, finding the right team can make the difference between success and failure. And as you say, that includes turning down people who will not fit in with your business and business philosophy. Thank you for this great post and reminder.

    • Eldon Beard says:

      Hi Louise, thanks for your comments! It really does make a difference when you can take the attitude that you are picking your team vs trying to recruit anyone who will put up the money and sign up.

  2. Eldon, your presentation is amazing and to the point…

    I agree, building a team of quality people. Passionate and supportive. Replicas of yourself, per say. Hey, your going to be with them for a lifetime. You must build a real relationship bonded on trust. Have a clear understanding of each members strengths. Being an expediter, per say for each new project that will benefit all team members. As you team grows larger, which will happen in no time. You will find the process easier.

    Eldon, your wisdom is radiating throughout this article. You have placed my attention to the single key factor of choosing each member with full understanding of lifetime bonding. Would you want passionate dedicated people on your team. Yes, without one’s that think your business and theirs, are just a hobby. Maybe they are the “Hoppers”. The people who not only shame our industry by jumping to one thing to another. Yet, also will not take anything serious, that this is a real business and families are effected by each daily activity. Your branding your name for a lifetime. Your brand in this industry is all you have.

    Eldon, thanks for this share. It is more powerful than people will be aware of. One must review slowly again the true content. The message is received and I will make sure my teams understand this once again. A strong team is worth all the effort. Just remaining patient and living in gratitude.

    • Eldon Beard says:

      Hi William, your kind words are very much appreciated and I’m glad I was able to help. You are right when you say “a strong team is worth all the effort”.

  3. Yeah I agree… I also turned down about 3 people who wanted to join me in my MLM business but I could not forget one of the persons I turned down:

    He wanted to be given downlines like I have been doing with my downlines but he wanted it in such a way that he wouldn’t have to do anything. He is the kind of person who would pressure you to do something which I knew what would happen if he joins me. I just declined. haha!

    • Eldon Beard says:

      Hello Clark, don’t you love the people who want you to do it all? Like build both of their legs in a binary program…LOL…thanks for commenting!

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