HBS 019: Is it Time to Quit Your MLM Business?

Many people who choose to start a home based MLM business reach a point where they wonder if they should quit. They may feel guilty about it, because of money and time already invested, but they find themselves seriously considering it. If this is you, don’t get down on yourself. Just understand that there are …Read More

Becoming a Leader in Your Business

Are you ready to step up and become a leader in your business? Maybe you already have, but if there is any doubt in your mind, read on. Becoming a leader in your network marketing business means the difference between mediocrity (with moderate to low income) and high achievement (the level where you achieve financial …Read More

Overcoming Fear of Prospecting in Network Marketing

How do you overcome a fear of prospecting for your network marketing business? There is something I’ve observed over time. I have worked with people who seem to have everything in place, mentally. They have a solid “why”, good written goals, and a desire to make money as soon as possible. But then, something is …Read More

Tips for Overcoming One Big MLM Recruiting Obstacle

What is the most painful part of MLM recruiting? What do you find most discouraging and difficult to deal with? Many networkers today use attraction marketing and advertising to find prospects who are looking for opportunity, and ready to discuss the possibilities with an open mind. This is usually pretty comfortable to handle, because it’s …Read More

Fear of Rejection in Network Marketing

Do you feel that a fear of rejection is holding you back in your network marketing career? It’s very possible that it is, because this is perhaps the most common obstacle to “getting traction” with your business and starting to sponsor people and make money. After reading many motivational and self-improvement books over time, there …Read More

Is Procrastination Delaying Your Home Business Success?

Are you a network marketer or direct sales entrepreneur striving for home business success? Are you really excited about your business but it just isn’t moving along as fast as you’d like? Do you find that you often put off important tasks you KNOW you need to do? Do you have big dreams and goals, …Read More