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youtube marketingYouTube marketing is one very effective way to promote your home business opportunity online.

One question I often hear is, “what type of video should I use to promote my business?” That is a great question, and for a long time I struggled with the answer to that one.

What I have learned is that it’s good to get your message out there with a variety of different video types. What appeals to one prospect might not even get noticed by another. Use a few different types if you are really focusing on YouTube marketing as a way to attract prospects for your business.

Let’s talk about a few of the more common types of video, but first, a word about getting your prospects to do something. You want each video to include a “call to action”. Ask them to click a link to learn more about you and your business. Ask them to “Like” your video and then visit a link to get a free report or some other reward. Whatever you want them to do.

Here are some of the more common types of video out there right now, and each one has it’s own special appeal. Focus on the ones you enjoy, but consider mixing it up a bit in order to appeal to diverse tastes.

So what type of videos can you create to help you draw traffic on YouTube?

YouTube Marketing Videos

Animated Videos

Animated videos are quite popular right now, and are actually pretty simple to make. These are the ones that look like cartoons, and they can be very effective in getting your message across. Have fun with these!

One way you can get started with animated videos is at

Doodle Style Animations

Seems like these doodle drawing videos are turning up all over the place. This is the video where you typically have a hand moving furiously drawing pictures while a voice or embedded text tells a story. I personally don’t have much experience with making doodle drawing videos, but I am told Sparkol VideoScribe is a good service to check out.

The doodle animations catch the eye and move quickly enough to keep viewers’ attention, if your message is engaging.

Screen Capture Videos

This is the type of video that I have used more than any other. Screen capture videos are the ones where you record whatever is on your screen (it can be a PowerPoint presentation or anything else). You can insert vocal narration, music, or whatever you want to go along with it.

Techsmith can get you started with a free screen capture software called Jing.

If you want more flexibility and a full-featured professional tool, Techsmith’s Camtasia Studio is a favorite choice. This is what I use and it’s easy to work with.

It doesn’t have all the editing features of a program like Sony Vegas, but for creating marketing videos, it has everything you need and more.

A favorite YouTube marketing technique using Camtasia is to create PowerPoint presentations that showcase key points of your opportunity or product, then record them with your narration or music. Very effective, just keep it lively and interesting.

Talking Head Videos

A talking head video is just what it sounds like. You stand in front of the camera with your face being the central focus, and talk about whatever you want. This is especially effective for people in network marketing or affiliate opportunities where creating a relationship with your viewers is important. With this type of video, you can begin building familiarity and a level of trust with prospects.

Many people avoid making talking head video because they feel inadequate or unattractive. If that is you, please get that out of your head. Find a nice background, dress appropriately, and give it a go. Honestly, people don’t pay that much attention to the little minor details you think they do. If you are speaking with conviction and passion, that carries more weight and makes a great impression!

If you’re new, you might have to record a few before you begin feeling comfortable, but I can assure you it gets easier!

USE VIDEO in Your YouTube Marketing!

Use video not just for YouTube marketing, but post them everywhere. Upload your videos to YouTube and then embed them all across various social networking sites, your blog, any place you can use it to help people know you better and respond to your call to action.

Make sure each video you shoot has a call to action. Remember, this is YouTube marketing. Ask viewers to click a link, visit your blog, opt-in to something, grab a free report, whatever you have! 🙂

Did you get some value from this post? If you did, I would really appreciate you sharing it with others! And, your comments are welcome below!

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  1. Hi Eldon,
    this is a great overview of the different options.
    Yes, the videos where a hand is frantically drawing are were catchy and clever.
    Do they have a free option? It says register for free!

    I found ‘Screencap studio’ works fine. It may not have all the option Camtasia has but it work.

    Thank you so much for sharing this!

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