What About Offline MLM vs Online MLM?

offline mlmIs offline MLM making a big comeback?

For several years, as more and more people have come to the Internet seeking information, online MLM has become “the thing” to do. Many tools and techniques have been developed to help the online network marketer capture leads and more effectively grab the attention of home business opportunity seekers.

I’ve noticed in the last year or two that more and more MLM leaders are putting increased emphasis on traditional offline MLM marketing and prospecting. It isn’t that online marketing is dead, but rather that many leaders are observing that their strongest and most productive downline groups are often those where there is a healthy balance between offline and online prospecting and sponsoring.

What is your thought on this? For years online network marketers have been saying that “old school MLM” is dead, and that the fastest and most effective way to build an organization is to focus online, in part because of the potential to expose your business to so many more potential prospects. Why are the more traditional offline sponsoring techniques back into focus?

Here is the way I see it. The strengths of offline MLM marketing include:

  • developing face to face relationships with people  you can actually sit down with and talk in person
  • ability to have local meetups to increase the group’s sense of identity and belonging to something
  • establishing trust and loyalty between locals who often have common friends and interests

Some of the often mentioned strengths of online MLM marketing include:

  • ability to reach a far greater number of prospects far more quickly
  • use of automated presentations and tools to sort and qualify leads
  • employing attraction marketing techniques (no cold calling or prospecting)

I am a strong believer in online MLM, because I built a profitable business almost exclusively that way. However, I’m inclined now to stress more balance between online and offline MLM methods.

Here are some thoughts based on my own experience, as well as thoughts from top network marketing leaders over the last couple of years. What do you think?

1) Many people want to go primarily online with their business but have little Internet savvy, and must go through a substantial learning curve to have a shot at success. This learning and educational process takes time, can be frustrating, and many will quit because of it.

2) You can build good relationships online with people who live far away that you never meet in person, but local face to face relationships tend to be stronger and there is often a greater sense of loyalty and unity among local MLM team members.

3) Offline MLM marketers tend to put more focus on actual product sales to people outside the business opportunity, whereas online MLM marketers tend to focus mostly on prospecting and personal consumption. Since product sales drive commissions and bonuses, this can be substantial.

These are just a few of the things that have come out of discussions about the merits of online MLM vs offline MLM prospecting and marketing strategies. I’m very interested to know how you feel about this. Is your focus mostly online, mostly offline, or do you teach a balanced blend between the two?

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  1. Bryan McHeyzer says:

    Hi Eldon,
    Great post ….
    Offline or online … both methods have value.
    Always remember that this is a relationship business.
    I must confess that I was attracted to online as it helps us qualify our prospect so much quicker.

    Thanks for sharing this great post.

  2. Hey Eldon
    I always believe in balance no matter what it is. With online vs offline, they both have there pros and cons. I guess trying to use the best of both worlds would be the key. Like I have a book at the publisher right now and I am in the middle of trying to both. I am making a list of all the stores and different outlet that around my area, but even with that I am still limited. So at the same time I am trying to grow my brand across the web, which does work, but at the same time there is some lost of that “shacking a man hand and making a deal” feeling, meaning it is least personal. So doing both at the same time might just be the best plan of action. Only time will tell. TTYL

    • Eldon Beard says:

      Marcus, my experience and from everyone I’ve talked to who is actually making money – a balance between the best of both offline and online worlds is crucial.

  3. Marti Norris says:

    Great post Eldon. I think its important to pursue both online and offline. I think it really helps in the offline world if you have a blog/website that you can refer people to and not just one promoting your company’s products.

  4. Eldon Beard says:

    Thanks Marti, I agree, it’s important to have your own personal blog or website to refer online or offline prospects to. It needs to be more than something promoting your opportunity, as you noted.

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