What if Your Prized MLM Downline Team Member Quits?

mlm downlineIt will happen to every network marketing entrepreneur on the planet, more often than you’ll ever want to see. You’ll sponsor a new MLM downline team member who looks really good and oozes awesome potential, and they sign up and quit without doing anything!

This is very frustrating, especially if you are fairly new in network marketing and are at the point where what each and every new downline person does is a big deal to you.

There can be many reasons that people will sign up looking so promising and just quit, but let’s look at one thing that happens.

I call it the “Hoping for Magic” phenomenon. It happens when someone purchases a product or starts a business with the hope that just the act of doing this will somehow make a difference in their life and fortunes.

You see this happen all the time. Have you noticed that health clubs are always taking in new members, but there is never a line waiting at the doors to get in? Ever known anyone who seems to invest in exercise and fitness equipment, and much of it sits in a corner somewhere in the original box?

Good intentions abound, and people enjoy buying solutions to their problems. A person might think that investing in a network marketing business is a commitment that will somehow magically improve their financial situation, without the need to do much else! I know it sounds crazy, but once the solution is purchased additional commitment and effort is required to make it work, and some people just aren’t willing to move past that original decision to make the solution they purchased real.

Of course, this is very frustrating, but it’s exactly what can happen with some of your new MLM downline team members. This is especially true if you use hype and big promises to lure people in, which is just one more reason to avoid that approach.

Rather than get frustrated, and I understand you will feel frustration if your business is young, just realize that committing to purchasing solutions is a far as many people will get. Doesn’t matter if it’s network marketing, health, weight loss, or anything else.

You want to focus on moving forward, and don’t let this get you down. Work hard to get to the point where you have so many fresh prospects that you don’t have time to put all your hopes on just a few existing members of your team. Your MLM downline team will always have people with great promise who just don’t make it, and you have to keep moving forward and looking for the true leaders who “get it” and will help secure your financial future.

One thing I can promise you – if you keep sponsoring, and building your MLM downline consistently, you’ll discover that many of your leaders will be the people you didn’t expect to do much, and vice versa. Funny how that works, but it’s one reason we always say don’t judge. You never know the internal motivation of your new team members, and some will have a deep drive to succeed that will delight and surprise you.

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  1. I can personally relate to this issue in a very big way Eldon. How many times I sat across from a prospect bubbling over with enthusiasm … meanwhile that little skeptic in my head is going “Uh oh, here we go again!” I think the really tough thing is after you’ve had this happen to you a few times, to keep yourself doing what I just described – prejudging, writing someone off based on previous experience and disappointments.

  2. Eldon Beard says:

    Yeah, it’s easy to get that skeptical frame of mind when a prospect or new associate talks a lot about how excited they are, and what they’re going to do. However, as we know, some DO come through and you never know for sure which ones will. So, it’s still exciting to hear that enthusiasm bubbling out regardless.

  3. Wow Eldon I must say that this is the best post I have read in a long time!! In the beginning of my journey in Network Marketing I used to get so depressed when people would leave.. Some never gave it a chance and I think I wanted it more then them in some ways. I do believe that buyers remorse often sets in with people and if they can learn to stick it out and keep their “why” fresh in their brains then they can really build something. I know that in order to have something we never have we will have to do something we have never done before to get it and that is what I remind my team of all the time.. I applaud you for this wonderful post especially because not many talk about this and it is so needed so that people are not caught off guard.. You really put a nice perspective to it.. Thanks 🙂

  4. Eldon Beard says:

    Thank you April Marie for your kind comments! I like your point “in order to have something you’ve never had you have to do something you’ve never done”….very true!

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