Your Network Marketing Job Application

your network marketing businessIf you wanted to hire an entrepreneur to build your network marketing organization, and someone just like you applied, would you hire them?

Network marketing is a totally different ballgame from traditional employment. In a job, you have a boss that you must be accountable to. In a network marketing business, where does the buck stop? With you.

If you want to succeed in this business, you must accept that you are your own boss. You are fully accountable to yourself, not someone else. This is a difference in mindset that many networkers struggle with.

Almost everyone who starts a network marketing venture is working at a traditional job, or at least they have done so in the past. There are many differences in accountability and performance between a job and your MLM business.

With a job, you can:

  • hate it but still show up and work because you have to
  • do just enough to get by and still get your check
  • go way beyond what is required and still get paid the same

In a network marketing business:

  • you aren’t required to do anything but of course if you don’t….you don’t get paid
  • doing just enough to get by doesn’t apply, you have to work hard at it
  • the more effort you put in, the larger your check can be – you are paid what you are worth

Are you satisfied with what you’re making in your business? Are you pleased with the growth of your downline organization?

If not, here is one way to put this into perspective and get some priceless insight.

Pretend that your business is your job. You are responsible for making money for You, Inc. and some of your duties include prospecting for new leads, calling people, doing presentations, networking in the right places, and ultimately sponsoring at least 2 people into your business each week.

At the end of the day, evaluate what you’ve done to grow your network marketing business that day. Think of it just as you would a job, with you as your own boss and toughest critic.

As you prepare to shut down for the night, ask yourself, would I hire me to grow my organization and make money for You, Inc.? The answer to that can tell you so much. How do you feel when you ask yourself that question?

If you don’t feel good about it, and you wouldn’t hire you, how can you expect your business to grow? What can you do to change things?

The key is to know that your business, while not a job, demands certain actions and a level of performance that isn’t overseen and driven by a supervisor. You don’t have someone looking over your shoulder, or passing by your office or work station frequently to see what you’re up to. You only have you, and your own internal self motivation.

If you wouldn’t hire yourself to manage and build for you a profitable and successful home business, go back to the basics.

  • revisit your why and decide if you really do want to have a network marketing business
  • review previous training you’ve had and the fundamentals that you know you need to be doing daily to make it happen
  • treat your business like a business, not just a hobby that you hope someday will take off and make money for you

When you can shut down for the night and honestly feel that you would hire yourself, the money won’t be far behind!


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