How to Get Found Online

get found onlineAs a home business entrepreneur, knowing how to get found online by your perfect prospects is essential to your success.

The Internet is a big jungle, and it will only get more crowded and competitive as time goes on. Think about your potential prospects who are searching online for your product, or a business opportunity like yours.

How will they ever find you among all the home business hype and hoopla that is out there today?

Unless you are already firmly established online, and have a reputation that encourages people to seek you by name, figuring out how to get found online will be one of your primary challenges.

Let’s say you publish a blog to brand yourself and attract people who might enjoy working with you. Your blog is just one in a huge sea of home business and entrepreneur related blogs out there.

How do you stand out and get found online by opportunity seekers?

Allow me to tell you a bit of my story.

In 1990, I was online promoting a network marketing opportunity. That company shut the doors in August of that year, which actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise. After evaluating my options, I settled in with a long-established home and personal care products company that was just beginning to get some exposure on the Internet.

I teamed up with a group of visionary networkers who understood the potential for promoting that business online. Many others in this company thought we were mavericks, or downright crazy for trying this. Lots of critics. However, as a team we went on to build what became the largest and most successful downline organization in the history of the company. I was honored to be a part of that team.

Since that time, I’ve been a student of online marketing and everything related to achieving maximum exposure and visibility, especially for people who are promoting a home business. How to get found online has fascinated me for years. It is a passion of mine.

So what is the secret? There are a lot of things you can do. If you have a significant budget, you can use paid advertising tools like Google Adwords to gain exposure and get leads for your business. On the other hand, there are better ways.

It’s good to have some paid advertising, but what if you could set some things in motion that would cost little more than some of your time, and create a steady stream of visitors and potential prospects for your business?

On the top right side of this page, you’ll see something that promises to show you “Ten Clever Ways to Get Found Online…without spending a fortune for advertising“. I’m revealing some of the most effective ways I’ve found to increase your exposure and attract new leads for your home based business opportunity or your products.

Please take a moment to enter your information.

These strategies will help you break away from the pack and get found online by people seeking what you have. You won’t receive an endless series of emails with nothing but pitches to buy something – I hate that – I will deliver content that you can use. I look forward to helping you excel in your business!

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