What Your Network Marketing Prospects Want to Hear

talking about network marketingWhen you call your network marketing business prospects on the phone, do you feel challenged?

Are you sometime hesitant and not sure what to say?

For this discussion, I’m talking about prospects who have either opted in to receive information about your opportunity, or have contacted you directly asking for more information about what you’re doing.

The first thing to consider is what you are thinking when you make that call. Are you excited and focused on signing them up in your business? Are you thinking about what they can do for you?

You will be surprised at how your sponsoring results will improve if you shift your attitude to think a certain way when you get on the phone with them.

What Your MLM Prospects Want to Hear

If you put yourself in the shoes of your prospect and potential downline team member, you can begin to understand what’s important to them. Try to think back to what was important to you when you were looking around and talking to people about an opportunity.

By understanding what they want to hear, and what appeals to them in a very positive way, you can begin to improve your approach to discussing your business and ultimately increase your sponsoring success.

Those who are candidates and leads for your network marketing business will enjoy:

  • Talking to a REAL person – don’t try to fake it till you make it, just be yourself and relax – focus on enjoying the conversation.
  • Talking to a person who is genuinely interested in them and their “why” for starting a home business.
  • Having a conversation that is focused on empowering them and presents the business opportunity as a vehicle for reaching THEIR goals and dreams, not yours.

You don’t want to come across with an attitude that shouts “I want you to join me so I can build my business and make more money“. Rather, you want to have the posture and attitude of someone who is offering them an opportunity to improve THEIR lives and fortunes.

Here are some keys to having a successful and meaningful phone conversation with your network marketing prospects. If you keep these in mind when you are talking, it will make a world of difference.

1) Don’t come across as needy (that you need them to join your team). Take the attitude that they need you and your opportunity – you are offering them something of tremendous value.

2) Don’t try to pressure people – no “I will do this and that for you but only if you sign up today” type of stuff.

3) Ask questions about their dreams and desires, and focus on understanding how they see your opportunity fitting into this.

4) Be relaxed and in good humor. If you have had a bad day and are not feeling up to par, relax and get your mental attitude in better shape before you make the calls.

5) Be encouraging and let them know that you believe in them, that they can achieve whatever they want.

Just changing your attitude toward your prospects, and putting them first, can make your business grow faster than ever!


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