What About MLM Prospects Who Want a Local Sponsor?

your mlm prospects who want a local sponsorEver had a nice chat with one of your long distance MLM prospects, and had them express reservations about signing up with someone who doesn’t live close to their local area?

Maybe they just came out and asked you if you knew anyone in their area they could sign up with?

While this might not happen often, when it does it’s important to address it. Think about what they are saying, and the possible motivation for saying it.

Some of your MLM prospects who prefer a local sponsor might not tell you exactly why, but there are some pretty good assumptions you can make that will cover most of the bases.

A prospect who expresses a preference for signing with someone local to them might be thinking about several different things.

They may want something of an assurance that their MLM sponsor will be readily available when they need assistance, and having someone in their local area seems comforting in that aspect of the business.

Some may prefer to get training and support from their upline in person, rather than through phone calls, webinars, Facebook groups, etc.

Some know that they will need encouragement and an occasional kick in the rear, so to speak, and feel that a local person will help hold them more accountable.

Some of your MLM prospects may have been involved in a network marketing business before where they signed up and were trained in a local group, and this is what they feel most comfortable with.

Some of your prospects may have signed up with a long distance sponsor in the past, after being promised support, and then had their sponsor move on to recruiting others and seem to forget about them. We know that just because a sponsor is local doesn’t ensure they will provide support after the enrollment, but this perception is what it is.

If all communications with your potential downline team member have been via email, it is quite possible that no real rapport has been established, which leaves them with less than desirable confidence in you as their future business partner. This is why phone contact, as early in the sponsoring process as possible, is crucial.

When I talk to prospects, I make it a point to focus the conversation on them and what they are looking for in a business. When you are long distance, and haven’t met them in person, there are barriers of unfamiliarity that you have to overcome. Showing that you are truly interested in them and what they want goes a long way to establishing a rapport than can help overcome that “local sponsor” feeling.

Most MLM prospects interested in starting a home based business want to feel a “part of something”, and sometime this translates to a desire to be part of a local group that meets and provides mutual support. There is nothing wrong with this, just be aware that most are not loners and want to be a part of something dynamic and exciting, and that something is your business and team. Make sure they feel and know that they won’t be left alone out there to figure everything out.

When a prospect tells you they prefer a local sponsor, they are also telling you they need more reassurance from you that you will provide support and training for them, and most of all be reachable when they have concerns or questions. Give them that assurance and stick by your word.


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