3 Simple Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

get more visitors and traffic to your blogIf you have a blog for personal branding or to promote your home business, I’m sure you’re always looking for ways to increase blog traffic.

It’s always good advice to post your link in all your social media profiles, and be visible in online communities where your target market hangs out.

Those are good tips for getting started. Going beyond that, here are three simple ways to increase blog traffic that you can start using right away.

Create Blog Content Daily

I’ve been through several stages during the time I’ve been blogging. I’ve gone from posting content every day, down to posting only once a week or even less. When I’ve consistently posted content daily, my traffic has gone up significantly. When I’ve slacked off to once a week or less, I don’t get as many visitors.

It isn’t always easy to come up with something to write about each day, but you can do it. The key is making your content useful and inspiring to your visitors. Avoid posting a lot of stuff trying to get people to join your opportunity. Your personal blog is the place to provide value to people in your target market by offering encouragement and information they will find useful.

A big benefit of posting frequently is that it shows your visitors you are active and engaged in your business. Have you ever researched home business opportunities and visited blogs whose last post was weeks or months ago? That doesn’t leave a good impression on me, and I believe many other people feel that way too.

Content Syndication

The Internet has become a huge jungle full of noise and information, and the network marketing / home business niche is as noisy and crowded as any. You can post to your blog constantly and increase blog traffic to a point, but to really get the word out and attract more visitors, you need to syndicate your content.

One of the easiest ways to effectively syndicate your blog is to join one of the social tribes that are full of people who promote each others content across various social media platforms. While most of the members will also be in a home business, by working together everyone benefits and gets significantly increased exposure. This brings you traffic that continues to increase so long as you are consistently participating in the tribes.

Blog Commenting

Do a Google search and find other home business or network marketing blogs. Look for those that have fresh content, and visitors who are leaving comments. Leave a quality comment  – this will create a link back to your blog and if your comment is good, visitors may click your link to see more about you.

The key is to actually read the post and leave a comment that shows you thought about it and want to contribute to the conversation. Short blurbs like “Great Post!” will not likely be approved by the blog owner, and wouldn’t entice anyone to click your link, either.

Initially, it may seem difficult to get visitors. This is normal if your blog is new, or you haven’t promoted it much. To seriously increase blog traffic over time requires taking steps like I’ve outlined above, and consistently creating great content that makes people want to tell others and come back for more.

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