Have You Set Your Network Marketing Business Goals for 2012?

network marketing business successIf you haven’t set goals for your network marketing business in 2012, it isn’t too late!

I remember when I used to think I had to sit down no later than December 31 and write out my goals and plan for the next year in its entirety. Everything.

Later, I realized that there is nothing magic about January 1, it is simply a popular point that people traditionally use to get a new start on things they want to do. If you haven’t already created targets and goals for your MLM business this year, now is a great time to do so!

Without some goals and objectives to shoot for your network marketing business can become like a ship without navigation, just floating along and hoping to reach the Isle of Success someday. If you just float and drift along in your business, you will achieve far less than you’re capable of.

Your goals should be tied to numbers or benchmarks,whenever possible, that you can use to measure your progress. For example, a networking friend of mine focuses on prospecting and sponsoring people he meets through online social media. This has worked well for him, but he realizes that he is leaving a lot of business behind by not working and prospecting in his local area as well.

So, Roy has set a new goal for his network marketing business in 2012. He will connect with at least two new prospects in his local area each day. “Connect” means actually talk to somebody and invite them to review his opportunity. This might be a friend, an acquaintance, or someone he meets and strikes up a conversation with. People are everywhere, and many more are open and looking for opportunity than ever before.

What are your goals for your MLM business in 2012? Here are some of the things I plan to accomplish in my business this year.

1) Put more focus on my local prospecting efforts – I’ve been a strong online marketer for years, and honestly have not paid enough attention to my local area market. There are some powerful and influential business leaders in my area who are much more likely to work with someone they know locally. I am going to seek and find the ones who are open to additional opportunity.

2) Allocate more time to personal development and sharpening my skills – I’m a big believer in ongoing self development and improvement, and I’m going to kick it up a notch this year, knowing that this will also have tremendous benefits for my network marketing business. I have already reserved my place for two training seminars in January, with more to come.

3) Become a more effective leader and sponsor for my team – I’ve always believed that the difference between a downline and a team is my leadership and how I relate and work with the people in my group. In 2012, I will strive to spend more quality time working with key team members, and work harder than ever to help them develop their own successful network marketing business.

What are your plans for your business in 2012?

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  1. like you said it is always to go to your local market. there is great leaders out there.

  2. Those are great goals, Eldon! I believe in the power of realization and awakening. Once you have identified the areas you need to develop in, you are half way through. 🙂

  3. Eldon,
    A solid post with timeless clues about creating goals. I especially like the part about the milestones and benchmarks to measure your progress. I would also think that having an accountability partner would help one stay on track. I know it works for me in my coaching business.
    Happy New Year!

  4. Sharon Johnson says:

    Thank You Eldon
    Great post the hints on how to’s for goals really helped me out has I have not finished mine yet.
    Thanks Again May your 2012 goals all come true

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