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mlm warm marketing should be fun and relaxedWarm marketing is not easy for everyone who starts a home based MLM network marketing business. Conventional wisdom says “approach your warm market first”, and really that is good advice, but honestly many people haven’t yet developed the verbal skills and confidence to do this effectively.

You DO want to work on improving your confidence and skill level, because the same things that are effective in approaching your warm market will also be effective when you’re talking to people you don’t already know, whether you meet them online or offline. Poise, confidence, posture, these are the things that make a difference in your sponsoring success.

If you are a little reluctant to approach family, friends, and acquaintances about your business, let go of the idea that you have to get in their face and be some sort of salesperson. That just isn’t so. Have you heard of the “warm marketing  notification” principle?

Warm marketing notification is just that – you notify the people who know you about what you’re doing, and give them an option to easily learn more as well as gracefully decline if the timing is not right for them. I believe much of the fear of approaching people you know lies in the fear of being rejected by someone you consider a friend (or a family member). That can hurt a lot more than rejection from strangers you meet on Facebook.

Here is an example of warm marketing notification that I’ve used. You can send something like this by email, in a card, or even leave it in a voice mail if you prefer. However you do it, what it does is let people know you have something going on. For those who don’t respond right now, just keep them in mind for possible future follow-ups and move on quickly to more prospecting.

Hello Bob,

How are things going with you? I hope you and your family are doing well.

I want to let you know that I’m very excited about a new business I’ve started. I’m not sure if you would be interested at this time, but I’d like to ask if you would mind taking a few minutes to view a short video that explains everything?

If you know someone who is interested in making more money, would you consider referring them to me? I’d like to get in touch with them and let them have a look as well.

Here is a link to the video. It’s about five minutes long, and gives a brief but good overview of what my business is about.


Thanks Bob, and I’ll give you a call in a few days to see what you think.

Notice that I take some of the pressure off of Bob, as a friend, to say “no” if he’s not interested. I simply point out up front that the time might not be right for him, and ask him for referrals. If he knows someone he can refer, this might get him to thinking about the possibilities himself.

Vary this as you see fit. Remember, you can hardly say the wrong thing to the right person and the right thing to the wrong person. Warm marketing should be fun and simple – remember, these are people you know. Be relaxed with it, and don’t sweat if they aren’t interested right now. You’ve planted a seed.

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  1. Bryan McHeyzer says:

    Hi Eldon,
    When I was asked to make a list of my warm market…this was in days gone by.. I used to find any excuse not to approach friends and family.
    I think the reason was mainly cause I was not successful with the business at the time and I was asking family and friends to join me… just did not sit true with me.
    You have got an excellent approach above and i am sure this will help networkers in the future.

    Great post… thanks for sharing it.


    • Eldon Beard says:

      Hey Bryan, that is exactly how I felt when I first got started – if I wasn’t successful yet, how could I approach friends and family and tell them how they could make money? LOL I later realized that you can have an attitude of “join me in this journey” and you can do this from day 1 before you make a dime.

  2. Hello Eldon, I have to agree with Bryan……it is an excellent script or approach for those who want to approach their warm market. Occasionally I do, but that is why I came on line, so I didn’t have to approach my family and friends. About the closest I come to “warm marketing” is to hand out a business card or share a product with a friend. I wrote an article once about this subject where if I saw this way of marketing as just making a friend……and then see where it goes from there. It felt more like I wasn’t trying to sell them on something, just getting to know them. Does that make sense?
    Have a good one!

  3. Eldon Beard says:

    Hi Lynn, it does make sense, network marketing is about making friends and creating relationships. Realistically, the majority won’t be interested in your business, at least not right away, but they know people who know people…and you kind of build up a network and expand your contacts. If you do this consistently it leads to success.

  4. Hello Eldon

    Letting go of the idea that we have to get in the face of our warm market and be some sort of salesperson is a key to reaching people that we might help with our business. Instead of being a salesperson establish an open dialogue and determine if they have a need.


    Perry A Davis Jr
    Music City

  5. Great way to approach the warm market Edlon. I might word a few things different but never the less.. you should always say, would you happen to know anyone who might be interested in this sort of business (or product type).

    Usually that will help to fire off a few referrals and also help to build a team. Because then you can just come back and sponsor the friend who did the referring and sponsor in reverse order, works like a charm!


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