Magnetic Sponsoring Review

magnetic sponsoring by mike dillardMagnetic Sponsoring Review – is Mike Dillard’s flagship product still relevant today?

When Magnetic Sponsoring was first released a few years ago, it was mailed to you as a spiral bound book. It was nicely printed and had a quality feel to it. The ad copy describing it was so good, the hardest part was waiting for it to arrive.

Today, it comes as a 78 page ebook that you download and can begin studying immediately.

I purchased this myself about four years ago, and it was my first introduction to the modern wave of “attraction marketing” teaching. Although I had already been using the principles of attraction marketing online for years without having that name to call it, Mike’s book spelled out the concept in a unique way I hadn’t seen before. It put everything together in a way that a total newbie to MLM could understand and apply.

I’ll start my Magnetic Sponsoring review with some highlights from the content.

Chapter 1 – Understanding the Source of Personal Attraction

The people who make it big in network marketing are leaders. This chapter discusses how leaders attract success, and what it takes to become a top leader and “Alpha Networker”.

Chapter 2 – Your Business Has Nothing to do with Your Company

The second chapter of Mike’s book helps you discover what you are really selling, and understand how to position your marketing to attract the right people to your opportunity.

Chapter 3 – The Secret to Becoming a Professional

This part will give you some excellent insight into why so many fail in MLM, and the key to turning it all around so that “failure” doesn’t describe you.

Chapter 4 – An Introduction to Magnetic Sponsoring

This part is an overview of what Magnetic Sponsoring is all about, the marketing secrets that drive it, and how/why it works so well.

Chapter 5 – How to Find Your Best Prospects

Going out and trying to recruit every warm body isn’t the answer. There are certain types of prospects you want to find and get in front of. This part discusses how and where to find these prospects. There is more to it than you might think.

Chapter 6 – How to Create a True Business Franchise

Here, you’ll get details about a system and sales funnel that makes your business run and produce enrollments and profits like clockwork. You can do this.

Chapter 7 – The Psychological Secrets of Magnetic Sponsoring

Find out what people really want from you as a leader, and how to give it to them so that they are drawn to working with you.

Chapter 8 – How to Position Yourself as an Expert and Attract Leads to You

To make the most of “attraction marketing” and have prospects seek you out, you have to position yourself correctly. This does not mean “fake it till you make it”, it means making the most of what you know and becoming a leader.

Chapter 9 – Funded Proposals: How to Get Paid Even When People Don’t Join Your Business

Over your network marketing career, you will attract a lot of prospects. The majority will not join your business. A funded proposal gives you an opportunity to earn income from prospects you’ve worked hard to acquire, when the timing is not right for them to work with you directly. This is one way to cover your advertising and promotional expenses while you are building your business.

Magnetic Sponsoring Review Conclusion – this information is still very useful and relevant to network marketing today. The principles of attraction marketing are timeless. Companies come and go, and life will open doors to different opportunities for you over time. In the end, if you master the principles of attraction marketing taught in Magnetic Sponsoring, you should always be able to make a good living in whatever you do.

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  1. Raena Lynn says:

    Hi Eldon,

    Thank you for this excellent review on Magnetic Sponsoring. I totally agree with you on Mike Dillards program as being relevant today. I am a firm believer in attraction marketing and it is the core foundation of my business. I am in a program called the Mastermind Partner Program and it was created on the basis of attraction marketing. The “attraction” seeds were planted and it didn’t take long for like-minded, high value, service oriented entrepreneurs began to arrive and prosper!

    I had the honor of meeting Mike Dillard at the Unstoppable Entrepreneur Event in May of this year, 2011 and he is very kind and humble! I was so impressed with him. I am a participant of Magnetic Sponsoring and I appreciate your thorough overview of this impeccable program.

    Raena Lynn

  2. Eldon Beard says:

    Hey Raena, I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Mike in person, but I expect to someday. The man is one master marketer and we can learn a LOT from him.

  3. Nice Magnetic Sponsoring review Eldon, probably the best $40 you’ll ever spend!

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