Online MLM Sponsoring – The Typical Path and Hoping for MLM Success

the typical but wrong path to prosperity and success in MLMI promised to show you “three simple steps for successful online MLM sponsoring”. I’ve seen so many people fail because they don’t understand how to focus on one particular skill that you must develop to be successful in sponsoring and building a strong and profitable business. The three steps help you develop this skill, and give you a far better shot at achieving MLM success.

One thing to keep in mind as we move along here – successful sponsoring is not about you, what you want, or how much money you want or need to make. It is about what your prospect wants and needs. It is about you building relationships with people.

Don’t think of “building a relationship” as being something that only pertains to long-term friendships or partnering in marriage and that sort of thing. You can begin building a relationship with a stranger across the country with one phone call. You can begin building a relationship with someone you’ve never met or talked to through interaction on a social network like Facebook.

Let’s take a closer look at MLM sponsoring.

The Typical Sponsoring Path (Hoping for MLM Success)

What do most online network marketers do? They….

  • find an opportunity and sign up
  • get the self replicating site that the company offers (that looks like everyone else’s)
  • start placing as many ads as they can afford in different places
  • go into message boards and social groups looking for prospects
  • focus on persuading people to join their business by touting how great their product
    is, how wonderful their upline team is, how much money you can make, and so on.

On the surface, these methods would seem to work. After all, isn’t “attraction marketing” about attracting people to your business through broadcasting to them how great it is? Not at all. It just doesn’t work this way in our world today. People today are very  much empowered by the Internet, and can do research and learn a LOT about you and your business easily from the comfort of their home. You must take a different  approach now.

Tomorrow….step one of the Three Simple Steps to Online MLM Sponsoring that will help you achieve that highly sought MLM success and prosperity.

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  1. James Soares says:

    It’s really sad that I have only found a handful of companies that offer the latest business building education. This warm market pitching and cookie-cutter websites do not cut it now days. You must set yourself apart!!!

    • Eldon Beard says:

      James, that’s what I see as well. Most of the up to date business building information is provided by savvy upline teams, the company training is usually very basic.

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