Micro-Managing Your Network Marketing and MLM Leads

mlm leads in address bookHow much time do you spend trying to manage and organize  your network marketing and MLM leads?

I used to spend a lot of time trying to keep up with them. I would take each incoming lead and put them into a contact manager program like ACT! or Oprius (even those that were set up to get automated followups through Aweber or a similar service).

I would schedule occasional followups to my leads, in addition to any that were sent out automatically. I thought I was being diligent and thorough, and I was. Problem is, was it worth it?

I was spending…

  • lots of time entering leads into a database
  • lots of time making sure all had contact information that looked valid
  • lots of time splitting them off into groups based on “no phone number” and the like
  • lots of time thinking of ways to squeeze out a few more responses…and so on

Bottom line, I felt that by micro-managing my leads I would sponsor a few more along the way and attain greater income and prosperity. Problem is, I discovered that all that time and detailed diligence could have been more productive elsewhere.

We live in a world where people looking for home income opportunities are inundated with information. When they are exposed to our opportunity, one of two things will happen. They will take an immediate interest and proceed to request more details, or they will move on to the next presentation they find. The key is to get them in our loop so that when the timing is right, they know who to contact.

So, don’t sweat micro-managing leads. Don’t dwell or focus on those who don’t step forward. Here is what I believe is the best thing to do.

Step 1: Have a “sales funnel” that captures their contact information and provides automated followup – the best network marketing upline teams have these systems in place.

Step 2: Follow up with prospects that come through the funnel and express interest in learning more. Some will join you, some won’t. The ones that don’t, let your system continue to followup with them and move on.

Step 3: Continue working on generating more leads. Be active in the social networks. Get leads into the funnel.

When working with leads, your main energy should be focused on bringing prospects looking for opportunity into your funnel and working closely with those who step forward wanting more.

Much better to spend an hour working on getting new leads than worrying about how to get more response from older ones.

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