MLM Success – Beware of Grass is Greener Thinking

trying to find mlm successMLM success is what everyone in the business is looking for. Personal goals will vary but the ultimate desire is to sponsor people, make money, and enjoy success with the opportunity.

If you’ve found an opportunity and are actively working it, you know that achieving success is hard work and doesn’t come easily. You have to invest time, effort, and some money to really get off the ground.

“Grass is Greener” thinking is the thought, however fleeting, that the grass is greener and “money is easier” in some other MLM business opportunity somewhere. Having this thought in the back of your mind, while trying to build your current business, can seriously weaken the strength and resolve you need to take the necessary actions for MLM success.

For most people, realistically, prospecting and talking to people isn’t easy. It is a skill that must be learned, and requires pulling up a certain amount of courage from within to get it done. Some people are naturally gifted with the ability to talk to anyone about just about anything, and for them it all might come a little easier. For others, it’s really tough and with all the different options and all the hype out there…it can be really easy to decide that your opportunity is to blame if you’re not sponsoring and making money, instead of putting blame on yourself.

Perhaps one of the greatest fears that hinders MLM success is the fear of settling down with one business and making things work, overcoming all challenges, and sticking with it until you are making significant money. The fear is all about doing the things that are necessary but hard for you – such as talking to people in person or on the phone about your business.

Looking back, I can see where “Grass Is Greener” thinking caused me to miss out on success that I might have enjoyed much earlier in my career, had I been thinking straight. Early on in my MLM career, I signed up with a nutritional products company that was very highly respected, and I personally knew people who were making really good money in it.

I started that business and worked it for about six months, then decided that I just “wasn’t cut out” for selling nutritional products, and moved on to a different opportunity. It wasn’t that I couldn’t build a business around nutritionals, the fact was that at the time I lacked the confidence to talk to people. I tried to do everything through passive marketing – placing ads, banners, all sorts of things out there and waiting for people to contact me. At the time I knew I needed to reach out to people and follow up more, but just didn’t have the courage to do it.

Later, I got this all straight, but my point is back then I thought a different MLM opportunity with a different type of product and compensation plan was the answer. It wasn’t. When I realized this, and took steps to work on ME and stopped looking for excuses, I discovered what MLM success is all about.

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  1. Good points Eldon,

    Starting an MLM business is very easy to do. So much so that people can tend to drift off and be distracted by other MLM opportunities. It is important to find a great business with great products and compensation plan but it is also important to treat it like a proper business and stop thinking that the grass is greener on the other side. 🙂


  2. Justin Hammonds says:

    This is an awesome post Mr. Beard! This mentality will always hinder the growth of your organization. This type of infidelity will always blind you to the resources you have available to you now. Also many people who do this are only looking at the numbers and not the relationships. When you do this you hurt the people who trust you the most, your current downline. If you have no downline, you hurt yourself because it keeps you from building creditability. Thank you for this post and great job!

  3. Eldon Beard says:

    Justin, that’s a good point, many people look just at numbers and don’t consider the long term value of relationships and being steady. Thanks!

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