What Type of MLM Product Makes Sense?

I have always believed that the most important part of any successful MLM business is your MLM product line. This is the foundation of your business. Compensation plans and how much money you can earn are very important as well, but honestly, what good is high payout or large upfront commission if the product itself …Read More

Choosing the Right Network Marketing Opportunity

To be successful with a network marketing opportunity, it is important to do a good job choosing the company and product that makes sense for you. All too often, new marketers make the mistake of choosing an opportunity based on hype and glitter, an appearance that may not be so real once they get “on …Read More

MLM Success – Beware of Grass is Greener Thinking

MLM success is what everyone in the business is looking for. Personal goals will vary but the ultimate desire is to sponsor people, make money, and enjoy success with the opportunity. If you’ve found an opportunity and are actively working it, you know that achieving success is hard work and doesn’t come easily. You have …Read More

Are You Working Your Network Marketing Business Too Hard?

Is it possible to work your network marketing business too hard? Yes, in a sense it is, because there is a way you can work too hard, put in way too much effort, and actually end up accomplishing little. In my first network marketing business, I once sponsored a guy who was one of the …Read More