How to Train Your Network Marketing Team

your network marketing downline teamWhen you enroll someone and they become a part of your network marketing team, you have a responsibility to help them get started on the right foot.

While your company or upline team should have a training program in place, your network marketing team members will need your help as well, to ensure that they are prepared for success.

So when working with your new distributors, what’s important to focus on? You might hear a lot of diverse opinions on this, but I firmly believe that the big thing is to get the basics down. Help people focus on what matters most.

Some will join your team and want to do everything on the Internet. Online MLM is very appealing. While the Internet is a very valuable tool for recruiting (with the proper training), network marketing is still a “people business” and getting the basic fundamentals down first opens doors for success with other methods and techniques later.

That said, here are twelve basic fundamentals that everyone on your network marketing team should master. These are the foundation and the keys to success. Working with your company and/or upline training system, help your new distributors master these.

1. Work with them and help them clearly define their goals. Goals can be things like “make more money”, but should be more specific, for example “make an extra $3,000 per month by the end of next year“.

2. Help them see the importance of understanding their “why”, which is what drives their goals. Is getting out of a job they hate what drives them? Is it a desire to be a stay-at-home mom or dad? Whatever it is, it should be emotionally driven and written down. Just keeping this stuff in your head isn’t enough.

3. Prospect for those who are open and ready for opportunity, share your opportunity, and sponsor them. Rinse and repeat. Help your network marketing team see this as the basic process that they repeat over and over.

4. Keep it simple. Help your people focus on the fundamentals and not get caught up in all sorts of smoke, mirrors, and other traps. This is particularly important if they are prospecting online. There are many shiny objects and great copywriters out there just waiting to lure them into something that sounds like an easier and faster way to build their business.

5. Work with them to create that name list. For some this is very difficult, but a very critical step.

6. Help them work through any reservations that may be holding them back. Reservations can be a big part of the reason that people don’t create their warm market name list. Help them discover what their attitude about network marketing and MLM really is. Have they heard people call it a pyramid or scam and feel hesitant because of a fear of ridicule? These things have to be worked out.

7. Show them what to say when they approach people in their warm market. Help them come up with an approach that is comfortable to them. There are many different scripts out there that are suggested, help your people find something that feels natural to them. Not all scripts fit all people.

8. Help them be prepared for “no’s”, and help them understand that this often means “not now” and not a permanent decision. You have to build up some toughness here. I was listening to an interview this morning, and one network marketing superstar said that as he was building up his business, he’d go out and shoot for 10 “no’s” every day. Kind of a reverse psychology, but it worked for him. He kept prospecting until he got them. If you get 10 “no’s”, you’re likely to get some “yes’s” in the process as well.

9. Teach follow up and stress the importance of organization and using some sort of calendar or planner to keep track of this. Emphasize that the gold is in the follow up. It’s true and proven.

10. Plug them into any team training, webinars, mastermind groups, etc. that you have going on to help your network marketing team build a successful and profitable business. If your company has events that they can attend, encourage them to go there and meet others who are of like mind. It makes a difference.

11. Ask them what they would do if someone called up and said “I’m ready to get started”. Do they know how to get those prospects enrolled right then? Note that when possible, it’s better to take your prospect through the enrollment process as opposed to just sending them a link.

12. Finally, if they are committed and showing you that they want to succeed, set up weekly coaching calls and teach them how to become leaders in your opportunity. You can do this with more than one person at a time, the idea is to take the ones who are ready for leadership and show them the way.

If you work like this with your people, your network marketing team can explode with enthusiasm and success. Sure, some you work with will get discouraged and drop out. That’s life and the nature of home business. Not everyone is ready at any given time, even if they think they are. Just teach the fundamentals, show that you care about their success, and the leaders will emerge.


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  1. This is very helpful! I and my team are always training and brainstorming so that everyone of us can share what we think and how we will improve our business. I do agree with you about :”Keep it simple” we need to explain it clearly and make it simple so that our team will not have any confusion.

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