Network Marketing Prospecting Tip – Be Memorable

network marketing prospecting

Effective Network Marketing Prospecting Opens Doors to Opportunity

How about a few network marketing prospecting tips to help you grow your business?

It goes without saying that for network marketing and MLM entrepreneurs, prospects and leads are the life of your business. You just can’t make money and grow your income without them.

When I say network marketing prospecting, I am talking about the whole process of working with people from the time they become a lead to the point where they (hopefully) go to work with you.

The online home business opportunity seeker is bombarded with information overload. Prospects hear a lot of “stuff” and often talk to several people about various ways to earn an income from home. The key to success is being professional and standing out above the rest by practicing good relationship building skills.

It is crucial to figure some way to impress potential prospects and leads so that at the end of the day, they think about you instead of your competition. You have to be like a light bulb in a very dark room. It’s challenging but VERY doable.

Network Marketing Prospecting – Being Memorable

I believe the first thing you need to do is show a real interest in people. When you are talking to someone, they may have just met you, but they can tell whether you really have their best interest in mind, or your own.

Here is the hard reality. I’m sure you’ve met some people who seemed to be interested in you, but they were really just going through the motions. Stuff they were taught perhaps in some relationship building training. They are good at pretending to really like you, but you can kind of sense there is an ulterior motive, right?

Ever talked with someone who asked questions, but got the feeling that they weren’t really listening to your answers? Perhaps they were running a script in their head and just waiting until they could ask the next rehearsed question?

Don’t let this happen to you. Ask questions, sure, but do it sincerely. Don’t go at it with the attitude of “gaining something” from doing it. Of course, you hope to gain something, but if you have that attitude foremost in your mind it bleeds through and your prospect can feel it. Make sense? Be real.

All Business Prospects Have Pain and Need Solutions

All people in the world have personal issues, needs, and desires. They are often looking to a home business for solutions to problems or to eliminate some pain in their life (lack of money, a mountain of bills to pay off, desire to stay home with kids, fire the boss, etc.)

You could be talking to a prospect who needs money for their childrens’ college education and can’t save it fast enough. They might detest their job and desire a realistic and workable plan to get out of it. There are lots of reasons people might have for seeking a home based income on the side.

Your job is to communicate with them and find out where their pain is. Be real. They will be much more likely to want to team up with you if you are putting their interests first.

So…while you are out there doing your network marketing prospecting, focus on being real and taking a genuine interest in others. People love sincerity and are drawn to it.

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