HBS 014: Blogging on Purpose for Success and Fortune

blogging on purposePublishing your own blog is a very effective way to get more traffic, more leads, and more sales and enrollments for your home business.

From time to time, I go out and take a look at various home business blogs. There often seems to be a lack of focus. Sometime it seems that the blog’s author is trying to capture the attention of a niche that is way too broad.

For example, let’s say someone decides to blog in the “make money from home” niche. That is a HUGE niche and encompasses not only network marketers, direct sellers, and other marketers but also people who are looking for a home based job. This lacks focus.

Much better to narrow the focus…network marketers, direct sellers, affiliate marketers, something more specific and focused.

Successful bloggers will blog and post on purpose, with specific objectives in mind every step of the way. It is very easy to lose focus and get off track, so you have to plan and stick with your plan.

In this podcast, we will explore….

  • the mistake that many beginning bloggers make that costs them their potential audience
  • what type of content you should create, and what type of “content” to avoid for sure
  • the one thing you must have on your blog for long term online marketing success
  • why some of the “ugliest” blogs are sometime the most popular

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