3 Ways Blogging Can Help You Get Online MLM Leads

blog every day and get more mlm leadsIf your plan is to attract online MLM leads for your network marketing business, then you should have your own blog up and running.

Your blog will be your “home base” on the Internet, and will be a place where you can focus on building your own personal brand and reputation. It’s okay to have links to your business, and you should of course have a lead capture system, but your blog should be focused on helping people learn more about network marketing and MLM and providing information and content that people will enjoy and want to come back for more.

I won’t go into blogging basics in this post, but do want to say that your blog should be on your own domain, and not on one of the free blogging sites such as Blogger or wordpress.com. When you put your blog on a free blogging site like this, you don’t own it, and they can take it down at any time as they please. Free blogs are great for increasing exposure if you have time to do them, but for the long-term serious networker, get your own domain.

Anyway, I wanted to share three ways that having your own blog, and blogging consistently, can help you get more online MLM leads.

1) If you’re into network marketing online, you are probably already active on Facebook and other social sites, or should be. Create frequent posts on your blog with good, helpful content and make sure it gets posted on all the sites that allow it. On Facebook, you can use an application called “Networked Blogs” to automatically display your posts on your updates, usually within hours of when you publish it. It will also automatically post to Twitter. Doing this will encourage people over time to visit your blog and you’ll surely pick up some leads this way.

2) Sign up with a social tribe such as TribePro that has an automated system for sharing your content across multiple social media platforms. Once you get this up and running, your content will be shared across hundreds or thousands of social media and bookmarking sites every time you post – automatically.

3) By blogging often and writing on topics that people (especially those interested in home business) are searching for, you’ll begin to pick up some listings in Google and other search engines. You’ll want to learn some basic SEO for blogging and keep it in mind as you write. You’ll be amazed at how people will begin finding you and clicking through to visit your blog.

For example, here are five search terms that people searched Google for and found me this week:

network marketing
network marketers personal websites
mlm network marketing blog
seo tips
be a network marketer superstar

These phrases, or something very close to them in context, were used in some of my blog posts. While many times you’ll be focusing on certain keywords when you write a post, you’ll also get found for keyword phrases that you just naturally use as you write.

The key is creating decent content that is worth reading. There are the famous three E’s – your content should be Entertaining, Enlightening, or Educational. Keep this in mind, blog often, and you’ll get plenty of good online MLM leads.

Did you get some value from this post? If you did, I would really appreciate you sharing it with others! And, your comments are welcome below!

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  1. Hi Eldon,

    Thanks for the card I received today. It is a very nice touch.

    I tend to cheat on lead generation to avoid rejection. I have focused on the products my company represents, because those who resonate with them are on a mission to change the world we live in.

    It keeps me away from the intense competition for MLM leads too! That is what I teach in my Profit Booster System.

    I am certainly interested in how many leads and distributors you get through your lead generation efforts though.

  2. I appreciate your comments John. Some people have great success leading with their product as you do, and others do best leading with the opportunity. You’re right about the competition for “mlm leads”, it’s pretty intense. The challenge is getting the attention of prospects who’ve filled out forms on a dozen other sites as well as yours. 🙂

  3. Eldon,

    Appreciate your post on the importance of blogging to get leads for your MLM business. I always read your emails concerning blogging updates and have used them on my blog. I will be back to check your site for good content.


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