Relationship Marketing and Your MLM Business

mlm business leaderRelationship marketing and understanding what that means is a big key to success in any network marketing or MLM business.

We talk a lot about building relationships and getting to know people, but still so many network marketers go out with the wrong attitude about this.

Your business isn’t all about what other people can do for you, it’s about developing friendships and business relationships. Working as a team. Valuing others and appreciating them for what they do. Helping others achieve their goals and dreams as you pursue yours. Truly appreciating others for who they are, and not putting on a false front trying to recruit them and then dropping them if they don’t sign up.

That’s the big thing that distinguishes your MLM business from most any other business out there. Think about it. In typical corporate and business environments, you get ahead and achieve greater success by beating other people out of promotions or advancements. You find yourself in direct competition with people who have the same ambition as you do – getting ahead, moving on up to a position or responsibility with more pay and a better future.

Contrast that with network marketing and MLM. This is a business where you build positive and productive relationships with others. It is a business where you make more money and get ahead by helping your new friends and business associates do the same. It’s win-win from top to bottom.

A common mistake in MLM prospecting and recruiting is being self centered and putting the focus on you and looking at others as “business prospects who can help me make money”. If that is your attitude when you are out there talking to people, it shows through.

People can sense the difference between a selfish recruiter who is thinking “what can you do for me“, vs a sponsor whose focus is “how can I help you be successful so we both benefit?” There is a big difference. Be real….be sincere.

Want some quick tips on how you can use relationship marketing in your MLM business? This video was shared by Success Magazine, and has some quick tips from Mari Smith that make it clear what relationship marketing is all about.



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  1. Eldon,

    Enjoyed your article. Relationship marketing is not exclusive to network marketers. As a transformational business coach I see that as an essential part of my business too. I must nurture my prospects to have that all important Brainstorming Session so we can dig deeply into their true passions and desires. I too want them to succeed, build a sustainable business of their dreams, meet their personal and financial goals.

    Even as a former network marketer, I see many similarities between the two.


  2. I agree with you about building relationships and getting to know people, but still so many network marketers go out with the wrong attitude about this.

  3. Corporate life and entrepreneurs in general live on two completely separate plains of existence. An entrepreneur is nurtured into working their all to live a life of their dreams. Employees are made to preserve what power they and accumulate more when possible to get the scraps left over by the big boys at the table.

  4. Eldon Beard says:

    Thanks Andy, you’re right, corporate and entrepreneurs are worlds apart. It’s all about mindset.

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