Should You Start Your Own MLM Blog?

mlm blogStarting your own MLM blog is one great way to differentiate yourself from all the other network marketers out there, and set yourself apart as a leader.

With your own blog, you can offer your visitors and prospects a place where they can learn more about you and what you do. Network marketing is a relationship business, and when you’re online seeking prospects, you need a way to showcase “you” as an attractive sponsor.

Your content should focus on personal branding and building trust – both keys to success in online MLM and network marketing. You can use other sites to directly promote and provide details about your opportunity. The blog we’re talking about here is all about  providing quality content that is enlightening and educational (and sometime entertaining as well). This blog will help you develop trust and credibility with your target audience.

Now, to answer the question “should you start your own MLM blog” – if you want to build a long-term business using the Internet as one of your prospecting tools, I think you should definitely consider it!

Ask yourself the ten questions below. This will give you greater insight into what it takes to be successful at blogging for building your brand and achieving success through attraction marketing.

1) Do you like to write? Blogging is primarily written communication. If you don’t enjoy writing at all, the odds of having an effective blog are diminished.

2) Do you know what your message is? What will you try to communicate to your readers? In my blog, for example, I try to provide encouragement as well as offer a down to earth, no hype approach to success in MLM and network marketing.

3) Are you a disciplined self starter? Setting up a blog is easy, but keeping it going and making it effective requires motivation to keep at it for the long term.

4) Will you have time and motivation to write something new every day? While daily posting isn’t absolutely necessary, it’s good to think of it like this, because just posting once or twice a month probably won’t leave a great impression on your visitors.

5) If you are a non-techie type person, are you still willing to learn some basics of WordPress? You’ll want to know how everything works and fits together, but you don’t have to have high technical knowledge to be successful.

6) Do you consider yourself to be “sociable” and “approachable”? These are both characteristics of successful network marketers, and one of the main purposes of your blog will be to connect with others. Put another way, if you want to be a successful MLM blogger, you need to like people and enjoy interaction.

7) Do you feel you are creative? This helps you generate content that stands out. Go Google “mlm blogs” and check some of them out. Notice which ones you enjoy reading and feel you can relate to. These people are probably creative and their content just stands out.

8) Can you stick with your MLM blog for the long term? Your blog will not be an overnight success. You will have to work at it. For a chance to get found in Google searches, it will need to develop some trust and credibility over time. Can you hang in while it’s slow and stay consistent with it?

9) Can you be authentic and avoid trying to “fake it till you make it”? You’ve probably visited an MLM blog or two where you felt that the person was making up a lot of stuff to appear like they are rich and successful. It’s pretty easy to see through this most of the time.

Even if you are a total beginner in network marketing, be transparent and authentic. Don’t fake like you’re a wealthy ten year veteran in the industry. You will lose credibility this way.

10) Finally, are you willing to work hard? Blogging is fun, can be very productive, can get you lots of leads, but you have to hang with it. Some people will start an MLM blog with great hope, then pretty much abandon it after a few months. Don’t let this be you. If you start it, stick with it.

Did you get some value from this post? If you did, I would really appreciate you sharing it with others! And, your comments are welcome below!

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  1. Great post Eldon. Infact every marketer needs to get a blog of their own, however old-skool they may be, it is the name of the game today. I great tip I learnt about blogging is ‘creating a picture of your ideal prospect’ and write all your posts addressing that invisible person, giving them solutions to the problems that they’re facing.

  2. Eldon Beard says:

    Hello Siddarth, thanks for your comment! You are absolutely correct about giving solutions to problems that your audience is facing – this is what keeps people coming back.

  3. Eldon,

    I love the list you gave, it is so spot on! I would only add to the list the option of doing videos. If someone isn’t a writer, then they can always shoot videos and post them on their blog!

    I could not agree more with you about the need to promote your MLM elsewhere and not all over your blog. In my first attempt at blogging I wrote all about my business opportunity. The company changed its policy on blogging and I was forced to delete all of my content within 48 hours- 1 1/2 years worth of hard work down the tubes! Hope others will take your suggestions to heart.


  4. Excellent post! A blog should be the hub any online business, especially a network marketing business. I say be your self and tell your story. Then find something that will help people and help them connect to you. Offer a free ebook to get their email addresses so you can stayed connected. If you’re able to help enough people you will be seen as an authority, that’s who people will want to work with!

  5. Hi Eldon,

    I think it is a great idea to promote your MLM on a separate blog. Recently I joined the infamous new program I will not mention, but it gives every member a blog which we can commit to every day. Your point about posting daily is important. When I started I read hundreds of blogging articles. The advice I heard the most was “write a minimum of one week.” Quite frankly, you are right. It isn’t enough. Daily blogging is a must and it takes a lot of hard work, determination, and time to develop an inspiring, functional, monatizine blog. This is a great post for anyone considering starting their own “hub.” Thanks Eldon!

    Raena Lynn

  6. Great tips – especially the reminder that blogging is hard work! Blogging is like commitment, plenty of people get a running start and then gradually slow down and eventually it becomes a chore to pump out a new article.

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