How Often Should You Blog?

how often should you  blog?How often should you blog?

If you’re blogging to build your personal brand and establish your presence and reputation online, you might wonder how often you should try to post fresh, original content. Some people say you should post daily, others will say 3-5 times a week is enough. What is best?

For MLM and network marketing home business entrepreneurs, your ultimate purpose for your blogging efforts is not only to give value to the home business community, but also to attract qualified people to join your team. You’ll have a lot of competition out there, so you need to do whatever you can to stand out and be noticed.

Adding new content to your blog often shows commitment to what you’re doing. I’ve visited MLM blogs that haven’t had anything new added in weeks. My first thought isn’t “oh, this person is really busy with their business“, but rather “I wonder if they are still active in their business?

So, how often should you blog? If you can swing it, I’d say post some new content daily. Otherwise, at least 4-5 times a week. Here are the main reasons for adding content this often:

  • the more content you have, the greater your odds of being found in Google searches, especially if you do a little keyword research and optimize your posts for one keyword phrase each time
  • a continuous stream of fresh content shows visitors that you are committed and active in your mission

The big challenge for most people, aside from finding and making the time to do this, is figuring out what to write about. For a while, you can come up with ideas and write something daily that will appeal to your target audience. Over time, it can get harder to think up new topics you haven’t written about before.

Here are some ideas for coming up with things to write about.

  • take general questions that prospects ask you about MLM network marketing and build posts around answering those questions
  • go to MLM forums and see what topics are popular and what people are discussing most, and blog on those topics in your own words
  • come up with tips and techniques for getting MLM leads and write about them (you can get a lot of this from upline training and reading other MLM training materials) – your blogging is more authentic when you write about those that you’ve personally used and had success with
  • think about when you were first introduced to network marketing, what questions and concerns did you have?
  • read books on network marketing and grab ideas to write about in your own words
  • talk about your business success and how you achieved it (in the sense of trying to help others have success too)

Over time, the more content you add, the more visitors you should get from online searches. If your blog is brand new, don’t expect a lot right away, it does take time for new blogs to gain some trust and authority with Google. Consider using tribe marketing to get more exposure and help your blog get a lot of social media mentions and links – this is very important today.

How often should you blog? As often as you can. Your blog will be your online home base, and a place where people will come to learn more about you. Take care with it.

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  1. Dewane Mutunga says:


    Frequency is something that is always debated. Most will argue for frequent (daily) posts but there are also bloggers who don’t post often at all and are still successful. You can be successful doing both, but its important to pick whatever you feel comfortable with and how often you can deliver high quality content.

  2. Eldon Beard says:

    There are things to consider. People who don’t blog much at all but still have huge traffic and success likely have tons of quality backlinks – something that doesn’t come easily. Posting high quality content as often as you can helps build traffic.

    • Dewane Mutunga says:

      Posting frequently is great for generating search engine traffic because Google spiders love fresh content but someone who doesn’t post often can have a number of methods that help drive traffic like backlinks, email lists, youtube videos, products, etc.

      My point is it’s possible to get tons of traffic both ways!

  3. Eldon Beard says:

    Absolutely Dewane, we agree!

  4. When a blog is new, I like to get to 50 or 60 articles in the first 3 months. That’s just under 20 articles a month which is not a bad return, if you can write fast. That enables google to find the site, assess its content and start indexing. Then for the next 3 months, I’ll try to add another 40 or so articles. That’s when the site really starts showing up in the serps.

  5. Eldon Beard says:

    That sounds like a good strategy, Stevie.

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