Breathe New Life Into Your Old MLM Blog Posts

bring new life to old mlm blog postsDo you have your own MLM blog to tell your story and help  spread the word about your business opportunity?

Why is blogging the big thing these days? Why are so many people abandoning traditional static HTML sites and moving to the WordPress platform? While traditional websites still have their place, and blogs aren’t perfect for every situation, they do have some significant advantages.

It’s pretty well known that Google loves them. A busy blog will typically publish new content several times a week, as opposed to traditional websites that may update very little over time. So, lots of people go the WordPress route in hope of getting better ranking for their keywords when people are searching for whatever product they sell, or their income opportunity. Part of the reasoning is that blogs with solid and frequently updated content seem to get crawled by Google more often, and they tend to rank quickly.

Because fresh content is added often, this gives you a chance to be found in many different searches, assuming you’re doing some basic SEO on each post you publish. The more content you have, the greater the chance of an opportunity seeker finding your MLM blog when they are searching for a home business opportunity.

One downside of a blog is that the older content tends to become “out of sight, out of mind” over the months. The fresher, more recently published content gets most of the traffic, while the older posts seem to get buried. This is one of the few criticisms of blogging that I hear – the fact that old posts seem to disappear and seldom get visited.

I use two free WordPress plugins to help publicize and breathe new life into my older posts. This helps keep links to all your content out there where people can find it more easily, and can help you increase your traffic significantly. Both of these plugins can be found in a plugin search inside WordPress, and I’ve linked to their home pages as well.

Tweet Old Post Plugin

I just learned about this one a couple weeks ago, and so far it’s a winner! This plugin picks a random post and tweets it at intervals you specify. You simply plug in your Twitter account information, tell it how often to tweet an older post, and let it do it’s magic.

I have this one set to tweet one of my posts twice day. It’s really cool, and pretty much set and forget!

Other Posts From Cat Plugin

This plugin will show the oldest posts from the current category at the bottom of each post. For example, if your visitor is reading an article that you published in your “Home Business” category, the plugin will display the five oldest posts from the “Home Business” category at the bottom.

This is a good way to get fresh exposure for your older content, and encourages your visitors to click and see other topics you’ve written about in that category.

Another tip is to find an existing post that is relevant to what you’re currently writing, and link to it. See above where I linked the words “basic SEO” to a post I wrote on that topic. This is another way to help your MLM blog content get more exposure.

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