How to Make a Comeback With Your MLM Business

mlm businessAre you having less success with your MLM business than you desire?

Has your enthusiasm kind of died down?

Or maybe you have lost focus on what was once very exciting to you?

If any of the above applies to you, you might have a gnawing urge deep down to get back on track. You might want to make the “comeback of the year” for your MLM opportunity.

Different things can knock you off track and cause you to lose focus on your business.

You joined a company with great products that you really like, but decided to jump to another MLM business because you weren’t earning as much money as fast as you had hoped you would.

You sponsored a few people but life got in the way and you just set business development aside for a while.

You feel your sponsor and upline didn’t care about your progress and spent all their time recruiting new people, leaving you alone without help.

You followed your company or upline training, did what they said, but after a few weeks with little progress you decided to step back and evaluate things, and you are still stuck there now.

Actually, all of these things are pretty common. What follows is for you if you started your MLM business with great enthusiasm, let it drop off, and now are feeling like you messed up and want to make a comeback.

The following steps will help you get back on track.

1) Redefine your reasons for having a home business in the first place. If you started out just thinking you wanted to make a few extra dollars, sit down and come up with some more specific reasons. Do you want to retire from a job you hate? Do you enjoy your job but want to ensure a comfortable lifestyle with no financial worries? Do you want to ensure that your kids can go to college? Whatever it is that motivates you, define it clearly. It needs to be emotional and more than just intellectual. It has to drive you.

2) Decide just what level of income will be necessary to achieve what you detailed in the first step. Seek out your most successful upline mentors and let them show you exactly what you need to do, with your MLM business, in order to reach your income goals. It’s very important to understand up front what it will take.

3) Again, with help from your upline mentors, develop a daily and weekly action plan that will take you forward towards realizing your financial goals. Understand the power in numbers and know that you will need to make a lot of connections. Know that most won’t respond by signing up now, but you have planted lots of seeds and some of them will desire to work with you later. Just keep in touch.

4) Make a solid commitment to stick with your plan, and keep your eyes laser focused on your MLM business. You may have temptation along the way to jump over the fence to something that on the surface appears better. That’s just the nature of things today with all the noise, hype, and information overload we face.

If it feels right in your gut, start your MLM business comeback today!


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  1. Eldon,

    Those are great ideas! I know as an entrepreneur those ideas are valid for me. Especially, someone in MLM where it is about personal development and team building you have to continually keep the end in mind.


  2. Hi Eldon,
    It is sometimes so easy to fall off the path … when things dont go according to plan.
    Also life has a way of getting in the way.
    It is good you shared these points with us to help when we need to make our comeback.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. Hi Eldon, they are great ideas for people to get started again. Also, it would be a good idea to look at other ways of marketing the business. If someone’s upline has made suggestions that just aren’t working, it might be time to look elsewhere towards other marketing methods.

    Regards from Julieanne

    • Eldon Beard says:

      Hi Julieanne, I always emphasize going upline first as a general rule, but as you point out in some cases it’s wise to seek additional leadership as well.

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