Reaching the Top of Your MLM Company

mlm companyAre you wanting to reach the top of your MLM company?

By the top, I don’t necessarily mean become the highest earner, although that would be a tremendous goal! What I’m talking about when I say “reaching the top” is getting up there among the top income earners, where you command respect as a leader, and are making the kind of money that allows you the lifestyle you desire.

What does it take to reach the top of your MLM company? Is there some sort of magic marketing tool, or a secret hidden technique that someone is going to reveal to you someday, hopefully? Not really. It’s more about setting your sights high in the first place, working hard and smart, and hanging on while letting events unfold to take you there.

A lot of times, network marketers start their business with certain income goals. It might be something vague like “I want to pay off all my bills and quit my job“, which isn’t good, or it might be more specific – “I want to be a $20,000 per month earner with this MLM company by August 2012“. THAT is a more specific goal and much more focused.

Now, here is where it gets interesting. How do you get to that income level with your opportunity? Do you put your focus on sponsoring people, or on prospecting, or what? You know that visualizing the benefits of your actions helps fire you up, so do you visualize how good it feels to have a team of 500 people? How about visualizing attracting 10 good MLM leads per day to view your opportunity presentation?

Visualizing the benefits of sponsoring and prospecting certainly will help you, but is this the first and most important thing to do?

I was listening to a training webinar yesterday, and the speaker gave an excellent example that makes a lot of sense. He brought up the first guy to ever run a mile in under four minutes – Roger Bannister. Now, think about this. We know Roger certainly wanted to run faster, because he was very competitive and wanted to win. But did he visualize himself just running faster? Was his highest focus on how many medals he wanted to win, or being one of the top milers in the world?

No doubt he desired all of this – running faster, more medals, and being at the top. But what really drove him? What was his burning passion that drove him to shatter a record and break an incredible barrier before anyone else? It was this – Roger Bannister wanted to become the first man to run a mile in under four minutes –  a decision he made after the 1952 Olympics. To do this, he had to train harder and run faster and be one of the top milers in the world. But what drove him? That burning desire to be the first man to ever achieve a sub four minute mile.

Can you see how this relates to your desire to get to the top of your MLM company? Put your focus on being at the top. Realize and internalize that burning desire to be up there on stage with the top leaders. This will create the mental environment and will drive you to do what you need to do, and will help attract to you the opportunities and breaks you need to make it happen. It’s an attitude thing. The sponsoring, prospecting, and other nuts and bolts will fall into place once your focus and sights are set at the very top where you desire to be!

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