How to Talk to People About Your Home Business

how to talk to people about your home businessCongratulations on starting a home business and taking a step forward to help secure your personal and financial future!

How are things going so far? Are you enjoying the success that you desire with your business?

There is a little trap that causes some people to get discouraged, especially those who are fairly new in their business. This same little trap prevents natural growth of their business that would make a BIG difference!

That little trap is….being afraid to let everyone know about what they are doing. You have to know how to talk to people about your home business opportunity.

This is pretty common actually…some people will conjure up a list in their mind of people they feel very comfortable with, those they think will be nice and would never laugh or reject them. They tell those people about their business opportunity. Beyond that, they don’t do much and seriously limit their potential.

This is often a “stopping point” for new home business owners. After telling the few people they feel most comfortable with, if none show an interest and join, they throw in the towel and convince themselves that the business is not for them. Then they often look for something else.

It shouldn’t be this way. There are some things that often cross the mind of new business owners that seriously slow their progress.

Some start to think…I need to study everything for a while so I can answer any questions that come up.

It isn’t good to think like this. Most home businesses, in particular network marketing, are quite easy to present effectively by using tools. Companies and upline teams usually provide videos, sales pages, presentations, and other tools to do the work of explaining the opportunity.

Your job is to get your prospects in front of these presentations. When questions come up you can’t answer, don’t sweat it, call in your upline team for help. Prospects will understand and appreciate your honesty. Prospects can tell if you are making stuff up trying to answer their questions.

Another common thought...I want to be successful and making good money before I contact anyone I know personally

Look at this differently. Your job is not to impress people with your success right away, but rather to notify them of what you are doing. You know that some might ask “how much money are you making?”, but most won’t dwell on that and they will understand if you are new and working your way up.

So….for best success, just focus on the concept of “notification”. Nobody wants to be “sold” or “pitched” on an opportunity, but they appreciate being alerted and allowed to choose whether they want to learn more. With notification, you are prospecting for those who are open and ready for opportunity. You want to quickly sort out the people who aren’t interested, and focus on finding those who are ready to learn more.

So, get out there and tell everyone about your business. Knowing how to talk to people about your home business isn’t hard, just let your tools do the initial presentations. This gives you some consistency. Then, collect a decision…those who view the information are interested or not interested. Move forward with the ones who want to learn more. And DON’T worry about the ones who aren’t interested right now. The timing might be right for them later.

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  1. Great advice Eldon and I heard every one of those excuses when I worked in direct sales. One thing that helps a lot of people is spending some time shadowing someone in the same business that is more experienced. I used to take people out regularly – first I’d take the lead and set the example talking with people and then I’d let them take the lead. For some people this provides that little extra boost in confidence.

    • Eldon Beard says:

      Hi Marquita, I think your practice of taking people out and setting the example, and then letting them lead is smart. It gets people into action faster and helps overcome doubts and fear that breed the excuses in the first place.

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