HBS 019: Is it Time to Quit Your MLM Business?

quit your mlm business

Is it Really Time to Quit Your MLM Business?

Many people who choose to start a home based MLM business reach a point where they wonder if they should quit. They may feel guilty about it, because of money and time already invested, but they find themselves seriously considering it.

If this is you, don’t get down on yourself. Just understand that there are reasons for discouragement that would make you think about quitting, and it happens to almost everyone at some point. Even many of the most successful networkers have gone through this.

I know one guy who is a million dollar earner in network marketing now, and he failed and quit a dozen opportunities before he got it right. You usually don’t think the most successful leaders have experienced this, but most have.

So, in this podcast, we take a quick look at:

  • the two things that cause most people to consider quitting
  • how you need to deal with these issues and overcome them
  • two reasons you really might want to consider quitting your MLM business

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