Do You Need a Blog to Promote Your Business Online?

Everyone talks about it….but as a home business owner, do you REALLY need a blog to promote your business online? Blogging is one way to establish your presence on the Internet and show the world who you are and what you do. Google and other search engines love frequently updated content, which is what a …Read More

Home Business Marketing – Are You Feeling Overwhelmed?

Home business marketing – everything you do to promote your home business, both online and offine – can become quite confusing and stressful. Even if you are working a business model that comes with a simple step-by-step marketing plan, it is human nature to want to explore as many other options as possible. Just about …Read More

15 Effective Ways to PromoteYour Home Based Business Offline

I recently found some great ideas for promoting your home based business offline. Even with the outstanding potential for making connections and promoting your products and services online, there are still many advantages to offline promotion. Some of these ideas will work best for traditional direct selling opportunities, others are excellent for network marketing businesses …Read More

Understanding the Value of Time

Have you thought about the value of time when it comes to building your network marketing or direct sales home business? Many in network marketing and direct sales are building an income for their future while working a full-time job as well as managing family and other responsibilities. Planning and setting aside time for home …Read More

Home Business Tip – Are You Being Genuine and Real?

Today’s home business tip is about how you present yourself to prospects and potential customers. There is a lot of training and teaching on how to “posture” yourself for success, but there is something here to think about. Are you being authentic and genuine as you go about promoting your home business to others? Are …Read More

Home Business Tip – Getting to the Bottom of Your WHY

One of the first things you need to know and understand, to ensure maximum success in your home based business, is WHY you’re building your business. What is motivating you to do this? It might be a desire for extra income to help with household expenses, money to create a college fund for your kids, …Read More

Five Tips for Home Business Success

There is a lot of coaching and training out there that teaches basic principles of how to achieve home business success. This type of teaching is generic, and applies to whatever type of home business you choose. It’s interesting to study how different authors and speakers get their point across, because one might convey a …Read More

How to Rid Your Home Office of Paper Clutter

Paper clutter is one of those things that plagues many people who work from home. I’m one of those people who tends to have a lot of paper around that I don’t really need anymore, and it just takes up valuable space and becomes a mess over time. Have you been there, done that? Has …Read More

7 Tips for a Successful Home Business Blog

Creating and publishing a home business blog is great, and for many of your visitors it will be their first impression of you and your business. So, it’s very important to establish and maintain high standards, in order to present yourself as a true professional that people will want to work with. Many people in …Read More

The Four Secrets to Home Business Success

I’m sure you’ve heard how important “mental preparation” and attitude is to home business success. Sometime I think this truth is repeated so often that we tend not take it seriously enough. I know that doesn’t make much sense, but from what I’ve seen, it’s true. While home business success is based on many different …Read More